The KISS ComPASHion Gallery!

A gallery to recognize the crazy times we're in - and have recently been through.

A gallery of resilience, strength, support and LOVE. 

A gallery of colour, people and PASHion. 

A gallery that proves we're together, even if we're apart. 

....and here is how you take part! 


There you are, on the hill or in the tent nestling in, ready to catch the next show...

"Mum laughed Sooooo hard at that...."

"Oh dear, how does my son even know what that means..."

"Did you see that? What a show!!"

"You did pack the paddles for the raft, right?!!!!"

If you've been there, you know…

We'd love to see you again!  Please help us to create a sea of faces.

Send us a drawing or a silly selfie so that we can add you to our crowd scene in the gallery. We miss seeing your smiling faces enjoying KISS so we would love to create a crowd scene right here! 

  • KIDS: Make us a drawing of you and your family & friends and ask a grown-up to take a photo of it. Please add your name and age at the bottom of the page. 

  • EVERYONE: Silly selfie time! Pretend you're in the crowd! Send us your best and silliest smiles please (keep it family friendly though) 

All images must be in a jpeg format. By sending it, you give us your permission to add it to our Gallery. 

Upload an image that captures your time at KISS - from family photos, experiences, a selfie or use the most of the extra time in isolation and draw it.
We want to capture the event from your experience and post it on our virtual wall so we can re-create the crowd! 


Send us messages for the ComPASHion Gallery. 

After a difficult start to 2020 with a summer of bushfires, floods, and now a global pandemic, we all need a group hug, right? We are asking you to reflect on the positives that will come from this time, which also helps us to acknowledge we are living in challenging, extraordinary times. 

Let's think about:

  • What are you looking forward to doing again?

  • what have you found that you really cherish?

  • Can you share any positives from this time?

  • How do you think we should go forward?

  • Are there any things from this situation that you'd like to hold onto?

  • Who or what would you like to thank for getting you through?

Send us your thoughts. A few lines, a quote, a poem perhaps. Please use the form below to leave a message of support that we can post on the gallery wall. Please add your name and location if you want to. 


Don't forget to take a stroll around the ComPASHion Gallery and find your work. It might take a little while to turn up there... the curators are working hard!

Thanks for taking part


Upload File

Click on AN image below to be taken to the gallery... 

STOP PRESS: due to unforseen maintenance by the virtual Gallery hosting site (!) our virtual gallery is very slow to load.. so all uploaded text and images will be posted below here too.

Please do check back into the ComPASHion Gallery in coming days, we will keep it running.


If you want to join the faces in the crowd send us your smiling faces, drawings, selfies and they will appear here, as if by magic*....

(*just use the form above)

Notes of Hope:

How is everyone feeling? Your text messages of hope, reflection and thoughts on moving forward from this time will turn up here

Screenshot_2020-04-23 The KISS Arts 2020
Screenshot_2020-04-23 The KISS Arts 2020