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Kiama Kabaret
Nick Nickolas Tennis Ball mouth.tiff

Nick Nickolas

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Jerry Hatrick

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Wham Glam Circus Man

Friday Cabaret-18.jpg

An all-star lineup... obviously! We have all kinds of performers join us, jugglers, acrobats, musicians, stuntmen and so much more! You may see some of these performers over the weekend but you won't see them like this! This night is just for the adults and as such we get to be a little bit naughtier!


Kiki and Pascale

Boylesque 1(1).jpeg

Rhys Lightning

Nick And Tia

Friday Cabaret-15.jpg

We promise you'll be entertained from start to finish but you'll also get to relax and enjoy a drink and some nibbles while you laugh your ass off. Check out the video to see what people have said about us and to get a little sneak peek at the fun!


The Kabaret takes place at The Pavilion in Kiama. Come early and relax and enjoy the view at this beautiful venue. And if you're coming from out of town why not stay the night and stay for the full festival.

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