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KISS At Sunset


Saturday night

FLying Trapeze

KISS at Sunset on Saturday is going to rock your things off.


Our exceptional early evening program kicks off with a high flying, “wow ometer” of a performance by Sydney Flying Trapeze crew.

You will be able to try the flying yourself all weekend, but for a magical 10 mins on Saturday evening the experts will show you it’s done. Terrifying, incredible and definitely hardcore circus in action. Pack your oohhs and aaahhs, you are going to need them.


AND – yes there is even more. The Flying Trapeze show will be supported by a live band because we really want you to have an awesome, full sensory experience.


Do not miss this.

Adventure Playground

Lantern Parade

Be part of the Festival Finale. Meet at The AIR KISS tent at 6.30pm with your lantern and parade with us though the KISS Festival village to The People’s Lighthouse for our spectacular farewell.

And don't forget to make your lantern as well, stop by the AIR Kiss Tent on Saturday between 12.30 and 6.30pm or on Sunday between 11-6pm.

Air Kiss

KISS Arts Festival 2022-164.jpg

Fire Sculpture

Some things you can't do until the sun goes down... and that includes FIRE! On Saturday night we have a fire show and even some fire sculpture down on black beach. So come keep warm and enjoy the incredible flames!

Black Beach

Cafe De Rude

(after Dark)

We're still planning this special event but it will be just for the adults, so you can glass of wine and relax with something a bit more naughty.

KISS Arts Festival 2022-140.jpg
Band Shot 2 The Soul Movers_Zen Studios_4.jpg
SOUL Movers
SUnday Band | 4pm Main Stage
PHoto competition

At any point over the weekend if you took a photo, and you think it might be a good one, share it on either Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #kissphoto2023. Include in your description your name and age (approximately for you adults). In the week after the festival, we'll have a look at them all and pick our favorites.


The best photo by an adult will win a voucher to Little Betty's, Kiama's favourite cocktail bar serving incredible middle-of-the-table-style dining.


And there are 3, that's right count them, 1,2,3 chance for kids to win. We've got three vouchers for Toyworld for you. 

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