Eloise Green
Hula Queen

Eloise Green, ’The Hula Queen’ brings you Hilarity, Hula Hooping and a whole lotta Love. She’s performed at hundreds of events all over the world. First and foremost a fan of comedy Eloise loves the universal language of laughter and it’s power to connect people.

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The Pits Family Circus

Beginning in 2005 with the addition of a newborn baby to Cessil and Sandy Pitts quirky acrobatic comedy street theatre show, the Pitts have evolved over time to include 3 children, two dogs, two circus tents, various family and friends, a caravan, a truck and have travelled the world performing and teaching many times over. They present a wide variety of acrobatic circus acts including, Risley, Bottle Walking, Kendama and Knot Throwing. However since the pandemic they have slowed down considerably, spending a lot of time at the family home in Barkers Vale N.S.W, developing new acts and working out different ways to stack up the children now that they have gotten bigger.

Felicity Footloose

The Felicity Footloose show is devised and performed by Natasha McGhie. Natasha was born in London and started to learn to juggle at the tender age of 10 using oranges from her mothers fruit bowl. To save thier poor fruit from bruising her parents saw fit to buy her juggling balls for Christmas and from then on Natasha has never looked back. She left school at 16 to do her first professional job as a juggler at Legoland. From then on she has been lucky enough to perform in a variety of different venues and shows – from circus (Big Fun, No Fit State community and Bassline Circus), caberet (Shambala, Lapland), improvised theatre (Gonzo Moose), festivals (Glastonbury, Woodford, Linz) and much, much more!! In 2008 Natasha went to Australia and created her solo street show ‘The Felicity Footloose Show’ with which she has delighted audiences all over the world ever since!! She currently runs a circus / street theatre company called Fit Up Productions that tours around England with there own fold out trailer stage!

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Kiki and Pascal

Take a highly skilled English Gentleman juggler and marry him to a Kazadorian* farm girl with a twisted understanding of the English language, wait 25 years and then you get - The Ridiculously Entertaining Adventures of Kiki and Pascal.


This is a hilarious show about the journey of an unlikely couple that will make you laugh - in both good and bad ways - as they invite you into their lives through a series of beautiful and highly skilled variety acts including acrobatics, singing, juggling, contortion and magic.


They look great, they are very funny, extremely talented and they may even make you cry…ok that only works on people who weep during toilet paper commercials. They are guaranteed to give you a very good time, exciting all the senses, including the one that makes you groan. This show makes you feel part of something great and makes the world a brighter place for 45 minutes. Don’t miss it, because everyone will be talking about it, but they won’t be able to explain it.


*Kazador is a small European country, so small that since Kiki left it, she cannot find it again. It is like they took it clean off the map….?

Electric Ginger

Electric Ginger is singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Greg Townley. Based in Far Meadow NSW, his debut solo album is a real mixed bag of genres from sassy synth pop sprinkled with falsetto, to cheeky electro bangers and guitar infused nineties pop. A crowd favourite on the south coast his band have a reputation for outstanding shows. Electric Ginger is on the rise with a new album coming out soon. It’s packed full of more dance floor ready anthems. If Moby and Magnum PI had a love child, it would be Electric Ginger.

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Corey Pickett is a polished all-round international performer. With a background in theatre, he combines circus, music and physical theatre to create an energetic and eccentric performance. He started performing at the tender age of 12 and after years of performing in theatre shows, cabarets, festivals, fringes and circus tours all over Australia and New Zealand, he has gained an exceptional variety of skills and captivating stage presence. He has taken his madcap comedy circus delights across the world, performing from England to Egypt, throughout Europe, China, and across the UK, regularly performing street shows at the world famous Covent Garden. Now Based In London and Sydney he is an accomplished Juggler, Actor, Diabolist, Adagio Base, Accordion player, Physical Comedian, Spruiker and Unicyclist. He has worked on many different stages and festivals including: Edinburgh Fringe (UK), Glastonbury Festival (UK), Falls Festival (AUS), Lainsuojattomat Theatre Festival (Finland), Adelaide Fringe Launch (AUS) and companies such as Circus Monoxide (AUS), Circus Aotearoa (NZ), Circus Rio (Aus), Fit Up Productions (UK) and Eaton Gorge Theatre Company (AUS) to name just a few.

Neisha Murphy

Neisha is known as ‘The Loveable Larrikin’ because of her ability to consistently push her creativity forward and perform unique feats with her trademark smile. She is a circus artist, variety entertainer, vagabond and video producer and recently was the recipient of The International Women’s Day Committee Award for Creativity for her docu-series ‘The Non Essential Project’, which is inspired by Creatives facing the current pandemic crisis. She graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Theatre and media) and holds a Diploma of Circus Arts from New Zealand. Her performance style blends a mix of physical skill and characterisation and her skills include juggling, slack rope, hosting, comedy and she performs a range of daredevil stunts. Danger is her middle name and she is best known for juggling knives and saws, launching machetes with her very own catapult and balancing a range of dangerous objects upon her face. Neisha is currently developing her solo theatre circus/clown show ‘ChaChi and The Sea of Tears’ with The Merrigong Theatre Company and will be performing in Circus Monoxide’s Newest show ‘Mechanical Mayhem’ for the Aurora Spiegeltent.

The Giant Seagulls

Totally surrealistic, with working beaks, they'll be rummaging in bags and pockets, stealing food from plates and picnic baskets, causing chaos as usual and squabbling amongst themselves. Shrieks of laughter follow them wherever they go.

Heidi Hoops

Heidi Hoops is possibly the world’s most well-rounded vaudevillian on the circuit. This mistress of the rings is completely obsessed with the circle. She’s got big ones, round ones, not so round ones, and she’s still looking for that big brown one! This artist is on a mission to find out how many ways a circular thing can be manipulated in a circus ring.


Heidi Hillier is a hula hooper, witty whip-cracker, lazy lassoist, inspired illusionist and a vintage vaudevillian who is renowned for her warm stage persona, original ideas, skill-full shows and clever costumes.


She has performed at festivals throughout Australia and Europe. You may have seen Heidi perform locally at the legendary Vault Cabaret or the She’ll Be Right comedy night. You can spot her in the ABC’s Australian comedy documentary “Stop Laughing This is Serious: Too Much Variety is Barely Enough.” 

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Madeleine Stewart

Award-winning comedian Madeleine Stewart has been charming audiences for 10 years.  You may have seen Madeleine perform with Adam Hills, Rove McManus, or Andrew Denton.  Co-writer of viral sketch ‘NDIS Fails’ with ABC’s Tonightly with over 1 million views on facebook, showcased her ground-breaking exploration of disability and social norms. Practicing what she preaches, Madeleine is the Access Co-Ordinator for Sydney Fringe and in 2019 won the AMP Tomorrowmaker award for her production of accessible comedy club Crips & Creeps. With shows at the Sydney Fringe, Sydney Comedy Festival and Melbourne Comedy Festival, Madeleine is rising fast as a fresh voice championing inclusivity, with no sign of slowing down.

the Great Gordo

From the big stage to little sideshow tents Gordo has done it all. Performing on TV shows around the world and with 11 Guinness world records under his belt, he has left his mark on every audience that he has performed for. Gordo is a true showman and will not disappoint. You may recognise him from Australia's Got Talent. He's an
11 Times Guinness World Record Holder, Sword Swallower, Neon Tube Sword Swallower, Cigar Box Manipulator, Juggler, fire performer, and suspension artist... aka he's incredible!

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Leo Music

LEO is a gorgeously authentic, independent artist with a powerful presence and wicked sense of humour. An enchanting voice and story to tell, LEO uses songwriting to take listeners on a journey through her experiences, creating an intimate and engaging atmosphere. She’s won scholarships, her songs have been shortlisted in the ASA Songwriting Contest and radio stations across the globe play her music.

Before the pandemic really kicked off in March 2020 LEO was living and touring in her camper van, living van life while developing her career as a singer-songwriter. Like so many of us, LEO lost all of her work due to Covid and was no longer able to carry on the nomadic lifestyle. She used the time staying put to record her debut EP, working remotely with amazing musician and producer, Syd Green. After restrictions lifted, and after one failed attempt (bloody weather), LEO celebrated her EP launch at a sold out Servo Food Truck Bar in January 2021. Now, after yet another lockdown, in another town, with a new van and freshly found freedom, LEO is working on several new music projects including her debut album.

It has been said LEO is one of the hardest working musicians in the Illawarra. She has supported a variety of emerging and established Australian artists including Imogen Clark and one of our finest songwriters, Neil Murray. An up and comer in the industry with her aim set at Nashville, LEO is one to keep an eye on.

Tia and Nick

Nick Rheinberger, local ABC presenter and singer-songwriter extraordinaire, teams up with comedy songstress Tia Juana Wilson, to share the music, challenges, and stories of long-lasting relationships in a fickle, modern age.

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