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Winner of Best Circus at Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals. Magic, music, comedy and circus! All set to a banging rock and roll sound track! If you like death-defying circus stunts and side-splitting comedy then don't miss this rock and roll extravaganza! 'Bring the family and rock on!' ***** (Advertiser, Adelaide). 'Our favourite Fringe show' ***** ( 'A rock and roll finale worthy of Kiss **** (

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Nick Nickolas Tennis Ball mouth.tiff
Nick Nickolas

Nick Nickolas has won multiple awards including The World Championships of Street Magic and Best Magic Act at Adelaide Fringe Festival. Combining expert sleight of hand magic with big laughter Nick Nickolas presents an amazing and amusing show for all the family.

J-P koala

J-P Koala presents a show full of fun, laughter and amazing stunts - a family friendly spectacle with something for everyone. Medieval Axes, cute cuddly toy koalas and comedy chaos come together to produce a powerful display of skill and improvised comedy. In a moment he can take an audience from awe to laughter, from delight to wonderment, from surprise to joyous applause.
His juggling skills are legend within his own lifetime - Fire, Knives, Whips and Axes. And not just your common or garden axe - a real deal Scottish double headed Battle-Axe; something more likely last viewed in Game of Thrones rather than thrown twenty to thirty feet over his head.

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Band Shot 2 The Soul Movers_Zen Studios_4.jpg
Murray Cook's
SOUL Movers
SUnday Band | Main Stage
The Soul Movers_Zen Studios_23.jpg

Fearsomely funky, grippingly groovy, and radiantly retro, The Soul Movers – the lovechild of powerhouse vocalist, Lizzie Mack, and OG-Red-Wiggle, Murray Cook - are all of the above, as is the groovy soul, powerful pop, and rockin’ country bump in “Dumb Luck”, their fourth album over ten years, together.


Welcome to a world where even badly broken hearts do mend, good lovers get to love again, the world is still real and decent people are friendly to each other. And if your day’s gone bad, may imaginary butterflies kiss the top of your shining head so you can all get happy and lucky again.


Corey Pickett is a polished all-round international performer. With a background in theatre, he combines circus, music and physical theatre to create an energetic and eccentric performance. He has taken his madcap comedy circus delights across the world, performing from England to Egypt, throughout Europe, China, and across the UK, regularly performing street shows at the world famous Covent Garden. Now Based In London and Sydney he is an accomplished Juggler, Actor, Diabolist, Adagio Base, Accordion player, Physical Comedian, Spruiker and Unicyclist.

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Electric Ginger

Electric Ginger is singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Greg Townley. Based on the beautiful South Coast NSW, his style is genre-bending, seamlessly blending his rock history and love of electronic music into something unique and fresh. Expect sassy disco sprinkled with flawless falsetto, to cheeky electro bangers and guitar infused nineties pop. Musical references include David Bowie, Pnau and Machine Gun Fellatio.

Jam packed with dance floor ready anthems bursting with both electronic and organic elements, Electric Ginger has a reputation for outstanding, high energy live shows that whip crowds into a state of extreme excitement. Strapping on his daredevil suit and helmet, his music transcends generations with a pure and optimistic focus on fun, providing audiences with a joyful escape from reality. The lyrical content mixes fun and cheek with sincerity and depth.

Heidi Hoops

Heidi Hoops is obsessed with the circle. Discs, domes, rings, hoops loops and polka dots. Heidi Hoops pays homage to the great Harry Houdini in this ridiculous escapade to break free of the chains that bind us all. Pure escapist fun for those that appreciate vintage fashion, circus, magic, the ridiculous, and a completely honest disregard for restraint.

WW 1MG Heidi_Hillier-byNinaKourea-42 copy.jpg
Kiki starfish on fake grass.JPG
Kiki Bittovabitsch

A smack you in the face interactive comedy that somehow leaves you loved up. A genius blend of stand up and physical comedy! Heralded on the European festival scene as “hysterically funny.”

Kiki is definitely unique! She is a contortionist, an acrobat and a real life princess. After loosing her country of Kazador (she literally cannot find it!), she has traveled the world as the self-appointed Kazadorian Kultural attaché. Kiki is renowned for spreading joy and laughter with a shovel. Luckily Kiki is as charming as a bull and brings to the world a dizzying array of talents, but it is her outrageous sense of humour that makes her unforgettable.


Kiki is one funny lady...

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A gentle reminder that our mainstage performers will be engaging in the age old street theatre tradition of "passing the hat" after each show. We encourage you to have some cash on you, thus our saying Cash is King and this great visual aid to remind you. Thanks for your support.

neisha 4_edited.jpg
Neisha Murphy

Neisha is a Loveable Larrikin and specializes in tossing objects into the air. She is a professional juggler who has spent the last 20 years honing her craft. Prepare to be mesmerized and have the time of your life while she throws, balances, ducks, and weaves with an array of unique props and that trademark smile. Ah, did we mention she has a face balance saw, a rotating knife juggling platform, and performs the famous triple stack rola bola? Not a show to miss.

Emma Price

Emma began her musical journey as an angelic music scholar in a convent school in the heart of the English countryside. A classically trained chorister, pianist, and flautist, Emma went on to receive her BMus from Birmingham University, and a Master’s degree from Trinity College of Music, before settling in London to establish a freelance career in the classical world as performer, educator and arranger.

KISS Arts Festival 2022-139.jpg
Cha Cha Del mar

South coast musical trio Cha Cha del Mar take you on a folk roots based Latin American musical journey.From the rich melodies and lively rhythms of Afro-Colombian cumbias, Argentinian tango, Cuban son and Brazilian sambas to the smooth sounds of Bossa Nova and Salsa classics and sweet Boleros. Their songs will make you want to dance and move about.

Nick and Tia

Nick Rheinberger, local ABC presenter and singer-songwriter extraordinaire, teams up with comedy songstress Tia Juana Wilson, to share the music, challenges and stories of long-lasting relationships in a fickle, modern age.

Jerry Hatricks Hats.jpg
Jerry Hatricks

Experience the extraordinary charm of Jerry Hatricks, your guide through a mesmerising world of circus and vaudeville. Jerry's antics are sure to break the ice and upend expectations, inviting audiences of all ages into a spectacle of laughter, awe and curiosity.

Jerry Hatricks is an Unusualist, who deftly melds humour and skill in a heartwarming performance perfect for all ages. When it comes to family-friendly entertainment, there's no hat trick too big for Jerry Hatricks. So step right up, and let the magical journey begin!

The Ferret GUy

A strange man roams the crowd with an empty cage, an Amazing Performing Ferret called Trevor, and a mystery to solve. What follows is a mixture of slapstick-driven shock and hilarity. We can’t reveal anymore, or Trevor’s life may be at risk!

Ferret Guy.jpg
The Sulli-Vans Square JPEG.jpg
The Sulli-Vans

Led by award-winning singer-songwriter Kevin Sullivan, The Sulli-Vans are a family of multi-generational country artists renowned for their energy, soul and breathtaking three-part harmonies. They perform original music, characterised by great Australian storytelling, humour and love, along with memorable covers of iconic country and contemporary music. They won hearts around the country when they appeared on The Voice Generations, with Keith Urban remarking, “your beautiful Australian spirit was so present and gorgeous”.

Soul Flamenco

Soul Flamenco are traditional Flamenco dancers who live and perform in the Illawarra. See us dance the gentle Alegrias, the festive Sevillanas, the fast Bulerias, and the very macho Farruca men's dance. A taste of Spain in Kiama. Olé, Olé !!

Golden Gaytimes

The Golden Gaytimes are an acrobatic and comedy performance group of women born out of the Wollongong Women’s Circus community. The Golden Gaytimes have been spreading absurd and beautiful golden glitter across the Illawarra and beyond since 2017. Dressed from head to toe in gold sequences, these glittery goddesses perform a funny and fabulous acrobatic routine that is uplifting and will definitely leave you feeling the joy.

Blowhole Buskers

The Kiama Blowhole Buskers are a versatile and talented ukulele group who hail from the South Coast of New South Wales. We specialize in and enjoy playing a wide range of music spanning from the 1950s onwards, including the Beatles, Elvis, Buddy Holly and Credence to name a few … all the songs you know and love.

Husky 23 Practice.JPG
Hoop girls.jpg
The Hoop Babes

With their electrifying hula hoops, dazzling dance routines, and acrobatic antics, The Hoop Babes are here to blow your minds! Get ready for a brand-new street style circus show, featuring this pumped-up new duo!


Orshi The Cartoon Artist has been drawing people from all walks of life for over 10 years. She will entertain you with super quick and fun cartoons and in only a few minutes with her expert eye she will capture your character on paper.

Orshi Caracaturist.png
Spruiker Guy

Spruiker Guy clown or salesman, show or stall? You decide. Either way, laugh your bottom off with the captivating master of words and charisma. You might even find yourself leaving with something you didn't know you wanted.

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KISS Arts Festival 2022-56.jpg

A gentle reminder that our mainstage performers will be engaging in the age old street theatre tradition of "passing the hat" after each show. We encourage you to have some cash on you, thus our saying Cash is King and this great visual aid to remind you. Thanks for your support.

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