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This year our community engagement project is:

The AIR KISS Adventure Playground:

Comprising of 4 incredible have-a-go activities.

Have a go at them all or pick and choose your favorite – remember this playground is for you and is powered by your participation and has something for everyone.

The Flying Trapeze Circus adventure

Yes! You read it correctly. KISS will host a real Circus Flying Trapeze Rig from Sydney Trapeze School. This part of the playground represents the physical challenge of the Adventure space.

Fly high in the air, being caught by a professional and feel like you have run away with the Circus.

The school will offer “have a go” sessions all day and then perform a show at dusk.

The show will be musically supported by Kiama’s own Care Factor for a real rock and roll Circus experience.

Just the way we like it at KISS – have a go then watch the professional show.

Private Sessions

12 lucky people each day will get to spend 2 whole hours with the Sydney Trapeze crew learning to master the art of flying through the air. The cost is $80pp. The early bird gets to fly. So jump on the link and book your session before you miss out. Session times are Saturday 12-2pm and Sunday 10-12.

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The Musical Adventure playground

A large scaffold structure will be turned into a living breathing Musical Adventure Playground.


With instruments made from recycled materials, hung, and constructed on the scaffold. Working with Musical Educator Mark Holder Keeping and his team, you will feel like you are a Musical Aficionado. The musical playground offers participants a chance to make music, experiment with sound and have a good time banging stuff without a care for noise restrictions or their parents hearing.

The Adventure Forest

The Adventure Forest is a Forest made from the old-fashioned Hills Hoist clothesline representing Trees. They will start the weekend naked and be adorned and dressed by participants as they add coloured leaves to the bare structures. Each tree will have a different identity ie: Tree of Life, Family Tree, Enchanted Tree, The Wishing Tree, The Tree of Tranquillity and even the dirty laundry tree. Over the festival the trees will be re awakened and reawaken the public, as their messages, thoughts, inspirations and even secrets are written on prepared paper leaves and pinned to the lines. Creating a sculpture garden of words.

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The Sensory House

The Cardboard Sensory House will be a smaller and more quiet part of the playground. Fully accessible and full of sensory experiences with each room in the house offering a different world to explore. A place to recuperate, reflect, relax and explore a different side of the festival.

Thanks To The Artists

Penny Sadubin and Tim Rushby-Smith are local artists, educators and facilitators of creative fun. We believe art should be accessible to all and as such always work to provide opportunities to bring out the inner artist in all that come to the Festival. We both have our own arts practice.

TRS headshot.jpg

Penny is an artist-educator at the Bundanon Trust and works in local Secondary schools, her artistic practice can be seen at Penny's art practice explores our human connections to nature and our interactions with the landscapes around us. Tim is an artist, writer, and disability advocate. As a wheelchair user, he facilitates courses in skills for independence for people living with a spinal cord injury. Penny and Tim look forward to running workshops for young people interested to be involved in creating the maze in the lead-up to the Festival, as well as co-creating with the community in April.


With a glint in his eye and decades of experience under his belt, Mark is capable of getting music out of everybody and everything. His infectious enthusiasm will whisk you along and before you know it, you too will be a musical genius!

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Build a lantern
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PHoto competition

At any point over the weekend if you took a photo, and you think it might be a good one, share it on either Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #kissphoto2023. Include in your description your name and age (approximately for you adults). In the week after the festival, we'll have a look at them all and pick our favorites.


The best photo by an adult will win a voucher to Little Betty's, Kiama's favourite cocktail bar serving incredible middle-of-the-table-style dining.


And there are 3, that's right count them, 1,2,3 chance for kids to win. We've got three vouchers for Toyworld for you. 

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