AIR KISS TENT – sponsored by Festivals Australia


In 2019, our Air Kiss Tent will see four visual artists, collaborate on a project which represents the five Japanese elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Wind and Void.

  • Fire – A parade of Lanterns made both during the Festival and before.

  • Wind - Represented by a hillside filled with handmade pinwheels, decorated and personalised by attendees. Each one dedicated to someone that is no longer able tocelebrate with us.

  • Earth - 1000 cranes will be created across the festival weekend and hung in the large trees on site. The cranes represent peace and good luck.

  • Water - Paper Mache Cows to be decorated will stand on the volcanic black sand, with the ocean lapping their ankles representing the gift of water

These 4 elements come together in the 5th element – VOID. The Void is the creative energy

of interactive arts, of people coming together to laugh, play and create, in the spirit of

Kiama and all that it was, is and can be. The void creates possibility.

The AIR kiss tent is open to the public for the whole weekend. 

come along and build a lantern, Help fold 1000 paper cranes, send a message to someone who can't be with you, watch the fire sculpture burn over the harbour and enjoy the cows "coming ashore".


Brought to you by Festivals Australia