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Photo Competition

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How Does it work?

At any point over the weekend if you took a photo, and you think it might be a good one, share it on either Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #kissphoto2023. Include in your description your name and age (approximately for you adults). In the week after the festival, we'll have a look at them all and pick our favorites.

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What can I win?

We have two amazing sponsors for this competition so we have a few prizes to give away.


The best photo by an adult will win a voucher to Little Betty's, Kiama's favourite cocktail bar serving incredible middle-of-the-table-style dining.


And there are 3, that's right count them, 1,2,3 chance for kids to win. We've got three vouchers for Toyworld for you. 

What makes a good Photo?

Anything and everything! We'll be looking at the colors and you composition but also how special the moment you captured was, because there's plenty we don't get to see.

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What if I Don't win?

You're still an absolutely fantastic photographer, and if we had prizes for all of you we'd let you all win. But since we don't, we will be putting the Top 20 pictures up on our website and maybe even use some of them on our website or program in the future.

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