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Have a Go Sessions

Saturday and Sunday afternoons are for flying high at KISS. You get to experience the thrills and spills of the circus for yourself. Bravery welcome as you swoosh through the air and land safely in the hands of an expert or the net below.


How often do you get to do something like this? Head to the rig for your swing and be part of the Fun!

Private Sessions

Ok, so you have always wanted to run away with the circus, or you are a daredevil or maybe you want to push yourself out of your comfort zone. All of the above can be achieved by joining the private small group session for Flying Trapeze.

12 lucky people each day will get to spend 2 whole hours with the Sydney Trapeze Schol crew learning to master the art of flying through the air. The cost is $80pp. The early bird gets to fly. So jump on the link and book your session before you miss out. Session times are Saturday 12-2pm and Sunday 10-12.


How exciting!

Whats this Special Show?

7pm Saturday, KISS at Sunset kicks off with a high-flying "WOWOMETER" of a performance from The Sydney Trapeze School Crew. Buckle up for some terrifying, incredible, and action-packed circus. Put your oohs and aahs on standby, you are going to need them. BUT wait, there's gets even better. The performance will be supported by a live band, Kiama's own "Care Factor," to give you the full rock and roll Circus extravaganza. You're welcome!

Who's Doing this?

The amazing team for Syndey Trapeze School. With many years of experience and a histroy of convincing people to run away with the circus, if you're going to fly through the air, these are the people you trust to do it.

PHoto competition

At any point over the weekend if you took a photo, and you think it might be a good one, share it on either Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #kissphoto2023. Include in your description your name and age (approximately for you adults). In the week after the festival, we'll have a look at them all and pick our favorites.


The best photo by an adult will win a voucher to Little Betty's, Kiama's favourite cocktail bar serving incredible middle-of-the-table-style dining.


And there are 3, that's right count them, 1,2,3 chance for kids to win. We've got three vouchers for Toyworld for you. 

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